Be a blob and conquer the space. That's too much?  Well than let's start first by beating that endless dungeon over there  ;)



The Game

In Glitchy Glorb you play as a cute green blob. Your goal?

 Getting as deep als possible.  On your way to fame and fortune several types of annoying Monster try to make jam out of you. But don't be afraid! 

Because you got the power of glitching!

Glitch to win

Glitching is the essence of this game and what makes it unique. By collecting glorbs(glitch orbs) your glitch energy gets filled up. This gives you the possibility to glitch through walls. Looking for secret rooms, don't wan't to beat all enemies? No Problem just glitch heck out of here!  But that's not all! We wan't to get deeper right? Well what should I say. The dungeons architect was kinda stupid. He forgot to add our beloved trapdoors. So our only way to get deeper is to perform a MEGA GLITCH.


The MEGA GLITCH is a powerful glitch which enables you to enter the next floor of the dungeon. To perform a MEGA GLITCH an enormous amount of energy is needed.

Therefore you need to collect all MEGA GLORB FRAGMENTS of one floor to be able to perform a MEGA GLITCH.  They can be hidden anywhere. 

While holding an MEGA GLORB FRAGMENTS your stats get boosts for each fragment you're holding. But be aware! There are rumours about bad MEGA GLORB FRAGMENTS.  Performing a MEGA GLITCH will consume all your MEGA GLORB FRAGMENTS. But as deeper you get as more fragments are needed to proceed.

Team (Alphabetical)

  • BuGfi5h
  • GaXyLa
  • Keryx
  • Sinucubus
  • Valinor



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